Infrastructure and Resources

  • The number of Class Rooms & Size of each: 6nos, 100sq each
  • The number of Tutorial Rooms & Size of each: 2nos, 50sq each
  • The number of Laboratories and size of each: 8nos, 80sq each
  • The number of Drawing Hall and Capacity of each: 1nos, 133sq each
  • The number of Computer Centers and capacity of each: 1nos, 100sq each
  • Occupancy Certificate: Yes
  • Hostel Faculties: Yes for both Girls & Boys.


  • Number of Books: 3988 Books

Laboratory and Workshops: Yes.

Computing Facilities:

  1. Internet Bandwidth: 34 Mbps
  2. Total number of systems connected: 84nos
  3. The number of systems connected via Lan: 64 + 2 Nos.

List of Facilities Available:

  • Games and Sport: Yes
  • Extra- Curricular: Yes
  • Soft- Skill development: Yes